Friday, 10 November 2017

Sailor Moon Hair Clips + Moon Stick & Disguise Pen Key Chains

Previously I made a Sailor Moon Bow Hair Clip that I just love, I also made a Sailor Mars Bow Hair Clip & Transformation Pen Key Chain, so I thought I would continue the trend and make Sailor Moon's red hair pieces, or odango shields. There were a few examples of these in iron bead form that I found online, however they were made using a square bead board and I preferred the look a round board would give so I just made up the pattern myself, not that it was difficult at all...

These odango shields are roughly 2 inches, big enough to be noticeable but also small enough not to be too obtrusive, and since I don't have long hair like Sailor Moon I can choose to wear just the one and it still looks cute. As mentioned I made these using iron beads on a round board then hot glued them to hair clips. There are many types of iron beads you can use, including perler, hama and pyssla. The two key chains were made in a similar way only using a square bead board.

I found the designs for the two key chains, the Moon Stick and Disguise Pen, with a basic google search. The Moon Stick is about 4 1/4 inches while the Disguise Pen is 3 1/2 inches, making them just the right size to attach to your keys or bag, so it's easy to carry a little Sailor Moon magic with you wherever you go. These were such a simple and fun way to spend a few hours and the results are so pretty.

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