Monday, 28 November 2016

Pink Paper Fawn

A simple paper craft that I could not resist making, this adorable little woodland fawn with its wild mushrooms was just too cute that I had to make it more then once. I printed a second copy at a reduced size ending up with a mama and baby fawn set that is just so sweet.

I also experimented with printing onto fabric which was pretty tricky to sew as the paper pattern tabs became my seam allowance, but not all sides had tabs and hand-sewing so close to the fabric edge without fraying it was very difficult. However I managed to figure out how to sew it and I think it turned out really well in the end.

This Pink Paper Fawn is another FREE pattern created by Timothy Haugen at Fantastic Toys, available HERE. I just love the patterns available from Fantastic Toys and have a few more that I will hopefully have ready to post soon.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Celtic Interlace Knot Medallion Necklace

I loved the idea of this necklace and found it a fun project. Making this with my Knitting Nancy reminded my of when I was little and would use those plastic spool knitters to create long lengths of knitted cord that I did nothing with... At least here I got to create something beautiful and wearable.

For this necklace you will need a spool knitter, only 2 pegs are used so if you have a 4 peg knitter like I do you can use THIS tutorial as I did. You also need yarn, lots of yarn. I just used a black wool I had on hand but you can buy something fancy or glittery as described in the projects tutorial. The tutorial also uses the same knitted cord as your actual necklace but I preferred to use a chain that attached to the knitted medallion by jump rings.

This is a free tutorial and pattern available HERE from Lion Brand Yarn Company, the PDF download for this is located under the Pattern Details tab. This necklace was created by Noreen Crone-Findlay who has a number of other tutorials and projects on her blog.

Monday, 14 November 2016

A Primitive Faerie

When I discovered this unique little creature I had to make it. With its big ears, slender wings and pointy nose, this faery is unlike any other you will find at the bottom of the garden but still manages to be at home on a bookshelf.

Made of simple cotton fabric, hand-sewn, with yellow safety eyes and painted pink accents this is one of my favourite makes, and when I have time I hope to make more of these.

A pattern and tutorial for this beautiful faery is available HERE. It is a FREE pattern by Jennifer Carson at The Dragon Charmer where she also has a number of other free patters available.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Gnomie Paper Doll

I not only enjoy sewing but crafts of all kinds and I have a large collection of paper crafts that I have yet to get around to for one reason or another, a big reason being the printer ink I would go through to create them all. But when I found this pretty little gnome girl I couldn't help but print her out.

My photography skill may not be the best but you can still see how charming this little paper doll is, with her hats and dresses any little girl would love to play with this gnome doll. Alternatively you could set her up in an outfit of your choice and use her as part of your christmas/easter/birthday/other decorations.

This Gnomie Paper Doll is just one part of a set of five Gnome Toys Freebies available HERE. This FREE set is created by Timothy Haugen at Fantastic Toys who has a number of paper craft sets available for free as well as for sale.