Saturday, 29 July 2017

Sailor Mars Bow Hair Clip & Transformation Pen Key Chain

A few weeks back I made a Sailor Moon Bow Hair Clip that turned out to be such a sweet little hair accessory that I decided to create another for my other favourite sailor scout Sailor Mars. I also thought it would be fun to create her transformation pen. I have a few Sailor Moon accessories, mostly necklaces like the one my Niffler is holding, and wanted something to represent Sailor Mars so when I saw a pattern for her Transformation Pen online I just had to make it.

The Sailor Mars Bow Hair Clip is a bit bigger then the Sailor Moon Bow Hair Clip I made, but I like that its a substantial size and the Sailor Mars bow colours of purple and red are quite lovely. I found the pattern for this Sailor Mars bow with a google search and used iron beads hot glued to a hair clip to create this. To make this you can use any type of iron beads you prefer including perler, hama and pyssla.

At least my efforts to photograph the back of my head this time resulted in a half decent picture, without the blurry effect you can see just how big this hair clip is and as I said I think the bigger size is quite lovely. The process of designing and creating with iron beads is such a fun and relaxing craft and the possibilities of what can be created with these beads is endless.

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