Monday, 31 October 2016

Teddy Bear

This cute little teddy bear is one of several I made as gifts for my family a few years back. Originally I had planed to make dolls for the girls and bears for the boys, but as I stated in my previous post I was not the happiest with how my doll turned out. This was nothing to do with the actual pattern but with my own skills or lack thereof.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the other teddies I made, only this little one. To make these bears I actually printed the pattern at a reduced size and hand-sewed, which took a while to finish as I made a few of these.

About half the bears were made similar to this bear using old denim jeans for the main body and nose with different coloured fabrics for the details, in this case an old striped shirt was used. The other half were made from flannel for the main body and nose, again with different coloured fabrics for the details. All were given button eyes and a lovely new home, all but this one that sits on my bookshelf.

I was quite pleased with this pattern and how these bears turned, hence the multiple bears made. To make a teddy for yourself or someone you love the pattern and tutorial is available HERE FREE from Joy at How Joyful Blog.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Cloth Doll

A few years back I began sewing gifts for my family and although this doll is one of the first things I made I never did make another like her. She spends her days sittings on my bookshelf as I decided I didn't quite think her good enough to gift.

She was hand-sewn, along with her dress with a ribbon tie belt, and her facial features have a sewn outline that is filled in with paint.

There were a few things about this doll that I didn't like, the head closure was one thing and her eyes are another. I just think her looking up looks a bit funny.

Overall though she is not bad and the pattern was simple enough and best of all free. If your interested you can get this pattern HERE. It's a FREE pattern from Beth at By Hook, By Hand and there are also patterns for several items of clothing to make for this doll which is a bonus. Patterns are found on the left sidebar about halfway down under the heading Prairie Flower Cloth Dolls.