Friday, 17 November 2017

Disney Princess 3D Paper Doll #2 Pocahontas

It's been a while since I posted a paper craft and I thought I should finally get around to the next Disney Princess paper doll, so here is Pocahontas. If you ignore the sequel, as I do, the first movie shows a free-spirited young woman with a deep respect for nature and love of her people. With her animal friends and Grandmother Willow, she demonstrates a deeply spiritual side and shows one should always follow their heart.

As with the previous paper doll Ariel, Pocahontas was printed at half the size, making her more difficult to cut out then she would be at the full size, but with an xacto knife and cutting mat (NOT a job for little hands) the process was made easier. This Pocahontas doll is available to download HERE at the Disney website, there are full instructions and best of all its FREE.

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