Friday, 25 August 2017

Wonder Woman Hair Clip

I have another super hero hair clip made from iron beads, this time for a heroine who is instantly recognisable to all. This Wonder Woman hair clip shows off her iconic W in red and yellow which stands out nicely when worn. The design was simple enough to put together, helped by a quick google search, and the beads were then ironed together before being hot glued to a hair clip.

I am not the best at photographing the back of my head, but you get the idea of how this looks when worn. This Wonder Woman hair clip was such a simple little craft to put together and was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. With the recent Wonder Woman movie, this iconic super heroine is more popular then ever and having a simple yet super sweet hair clip to wear makes you feel super wonderful.

Friday, 18 August 2017

My Little Pony Snuzzle Inspired Plush

This is just one of only a few little ponies that I made as gifts. If you hadn't noticed already from reading my posts, most things I make are as gifts for family and loved ones. I do keep a few things I make for myself as I just can't seem to part with them, must mostly it is nice to share the things I make with others and see them get enjoyment from something I've created.

I decided to base my ponies on real My Little Pony characters and for this particular pony I chose Snuzzle as I loved the colours and the hearts were cute. However because I had no pink yarn for Snuzzle's mane and tail I decided to switch the colours making the body pink and the hair blue, as I liked the blue colour as opposed to the grey.

This plush little pony of mine has fully moveable legs and along with the embroidered hearts and eyes, I also embroidered the name of the recipient of this gift to the ponies back. The pattern for this horse was I found online with a google search. This pony plush was a I lot of fun to put together and makes a sweet little gift for a sweet little girl.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Hanging Animal Art Doll - Horse

I have started making these animal art dolls as gifts; they feature the heads of animals, and in this case a tail also, as well as long limbs and tiny pink eyes that are safety eyes. There is also a printed animal tag to accompany the doll. The pattern was simple enough to put together, the arms and legs are basic long shapes and the body ends in a nice flat bottom.

These animal art dolls are decorative only, totally hand-sewn, I have included a loop at the back of the head so it could be easily hung if desired, however it could also stand or sit on a shelf or in a cabinet. To create this pattern I used a number of different sources with only the heads of each doll being altered to create differing animals. Again I have to apologise for the quality of the photos.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Simon's Cat Car Plush

This is a cute project I found online for an adorable car plush. I made a few of these as gifts as they were quite simple to make; this one was made using a blue stretch fabric which gave him a lovely chubby look. There are black beads for his eyes and the suction cups I brought online are about 3cm, I got 20 of these suction cups and used 4 per cat, so I ended up making 5 cat car plushes in a few different colours.

Without actually knowing about Simon's Cat I made these as I thought this a cute item and great gift idea. This cat car plush was created from a FREE pattern by Katrin Black which can be found HERE. Her website is actually in Russian but there are plenty of pictures provided to guide you in making this and there is always google translate to translate the page if you prefer.