Friday, 27 April 2018

Faery Rag Doll #5

Most of the time anything I make is given away as a gift, however this faery rag doll is one of the few things I have made and kept for myself. If you couldn't already tell her home is on my bookshelf, where she spends her days amongst some of my favourite books. (Mostly those by Brian Froud).

As with my other faery rag dolls, this doll was made with big embroidered ears, floppy wings and a soft stuffed body. She also has the same black safety eyes and blanket stitched hair, however this faery has a little something extra, an embroidered red flower stitched to the lower corner of her dress.

The full size of this faery is about 24cm from head to toe and her wing span is about 16cm, making her a comfortable size for either a decorative piece or an interactive plaything. I just love how minimal and innocent these dolls look with just their eyes to convey their personalities and cuteness.

These faery rag dolls are a favourite of mine and, as I previously mentioned, I hope to make more in other themes and magical beings when I get the time. I have made patterns for mermaids and gnomes, and have even completed a gnome that I will share soon. (Although you can see a sneak peek at this gnome in my blogs banner).

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