Friday, 13 April 2018

Dress Pillows #1

I have a few nieces and nephews that I make gifts for and these, as this was the first of a few that were bundled together with a ribbon, were made for a couple of two year old girls. My sister had some baby clothes from her little girl that she wanted to keep as they were favourites, but she didn't just want to sit them in a box somewhere, so I thought why not make them into super cute and unique pillows. So that's what's I did, I made literal Dress Pillows.

It was really simple to make these Dress Pillows, I hand stitched the bottom edge and two sleeves of the dress while inside-out, then turned it right-side-out and stuffed. I began to stitch the neck and stuffed them some more, before adding even more stuffing before closing up the neck hole. I have added the tag 'dolls' to this post because, although these clearly are not doll's, my niece plays with them as though they are, she even has tea parties with these Dress Pillows.

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