Friday, 23 February 2018

Sailor Moon Crystal Wallpapers set07 - SailorV

Before Usagi meet Luna and discovered she was Sailor Moon, there was Sailor V. This solo superhero made headlines fighting evil and has become so popular she even has her own video game. As Sailor V she hides her true identity under her Mask. She also has a few tricks up her sleeve, as Sailor Moon has a disguise pen, Sailor V has a compact that allows her to transform herself into any disguise in order to complete her missions.

These Sailor Moon Crystal wallpapers feature the superhero Sailor V, her iconic Mask and her disguise Compact. To download click on the picture of the wallpaper you want and "Save Image As" to save to your computer or alternatively you can select "Set As Desktop Background". Please let me know if your having any problems with these. Hope you enjoy.

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