Friday, 16 February 2018

Cuddle Pillow Toy - Kitty #1

For those of you who remember my Crookshanks/Henry mini fat cat, you will find this new kitty very familiar. This is a larger version of Crookshanks, or to put it more accurately, this is the original size pattern for this fat cat before I reduced it to make a mini Crookshanks. Therefore this kitty is a comfortable 9.5 inches tall not including the ears, about 8.5 inches wide not including the paws, with a tail just under 12 inches long.

This blue/grey kitty is the ideal size to not only cuddle up to for a soft hug, but to also rest a weary head for a cosy catnap. The eyes are pink safety eyes, his whiskers and mouth are embroidered in black using backstitching and the pink nose is blanket stitched. This is such an adorable pillow toy I decided to make more as gifts. This pattern was found HERE in the Shiny Happy World shop.

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