Friday, 2 February 2018

Sailboat with bonus Sea Star #1

This sailboat is something different to the usual plush style toys I make. Originally made as more of a decorative piece, I do know it was played with a bit, which is nice as I know that it was enjoyed by its new owner. The sailboat is accompanied by its own sea star, or starfish as it may more widely be known, but as it is not actually a fish I prefer to call it a sea star, plus it just sounds more whimsical being called stars of the sea then simply starfish, at least it does to me.

For the sails and small flag I sewed two pieces of material together, turned inside out, ladder stitched shut, then ironed to create neat but strong and sturdy triangle pieces. The body of the boat, as with the sea star, is stitched together, turned then stuffed before being ladder stitched closed, with the boat being stitched closed around the mast, other wise known as a skewer. I used two skewers to create the mast and boom for the sails, those triangle pieces, to be stitched too.

This sailboat and sea star were made from a pattern found using a simple google search, and as with almost all of these google found patterns there were no instructions. Therefore I was left to figure out what to use for the mast and boom, as well as how to assemble this sailboat, all on my own. The sailboat at its full size is somewhere around 12 inches I think, but I can't be accurate about this as I gave this away before I thought to measure it.

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