Friday, 13 October 2017

Baby Demiguise (inspired by the Harry Potter Series)

Some of you may be familiar with my quiet little companion who showed up a few months ago disappearing and reappearing as he wished, as a Demiguise will do. More recently he has been spotted with a little companion of his own. It seems my friend has become a father and along with other males of his species, it is he who is responsible for the care of his child. As a youngster the babies hair is still a snowy white colour with invisibility skills yet to fully develop, unlike his silvery haired father who can disappear at will.

This baby Demiguise was made in the same way as my original Demiguise, only on a smaller scale. The pattern I used provided the pieces to shape the body, arms and feet. After reducing the size of the pattern I then created pattern pieces for the whiskers and tail and edited the face shape and features. His eyes are blanket stitched, his nose is two french knots and his mouth is backstitched all in black as with my original Demiguise.

The small face whiskers were very tricky to turn once sewn, but he wouldn't be a Demiguise without those added features so the end result was well worth the trouble these pieces gave me. The foot pads were backstitched rather then appliqué as suggested in the instructions that accompanied the pattern used, as I liked the simple look the stitching gave to the finished Demiguise. As with all my sewn projects, this baby Demiguise was completely hand-sewn.

My magical creatures collection continues to grow with this new addition of a baby Demiguise and sitting at just 4 inches tall he is so far the smallest of my Fantastic Beasts, smaller even then my Mooncalf which is only 4.5 inches tall. The pattern used for these Demiguise is Choly Knight's Bigfoot Plush Sewing Pattern found HERE in her etsy store. Choly also has a lot of great FREE patterns available on her blog Sew Desu Ne?.

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