Friday, 3 March 2017

Demiguise (inspired by the Harry Potter Series)

This charming little fellow just showed up one day seemingly out of nowhere, he is such a quiet little thing I almost didn't see him. Actually it took me a moment to realise that in fact I hadn't seen him, but then there he was, a Demiguise, curled up comfortably on the couch beside me. I didn't make a sound, I didn't want to startle him, but he disappeared soon enough regardless. I never expected to see him again but to my surprise he kept turning up, my quiet little companion, and now he seems to have decided to stay.

This may not accurately resemble the Demiguise as introduced by Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but he is just how I imagined this peaceful little creature would look when I decided to create one of these magical beings. After all he is described in Harry Potter's school book as resembling an ape. With his long arms and big black eyes I knew when I saw him that this would be the pattern to use to bring him to life, and at just under 7 inches tall he is the perfect size to sit contently amongst my growing number of magical creatures.

A few alterations where needed on this pattern to bring this Demiguse to life, most notably are the changes made to the face pattern and the addition of his whiskers. He just wouldn't look quite right without the whiskers, although I did have a lot of trouble turning these small pieces. The other change was the addition of his tail, a much more simple process thankfully. Together with the silver fabric used I am more then pleased at how this little creature turned out.

The changes made to this pattern were not just the face shape, whiskers and tail, I also moved the position of his feet so he would be standing instead of sitting. I then hand-sewed the outline for his foot pads rather then appliqué because I like how simple and cute his little feet looked this way, and also if he's constantly standing on his feet I didn't want the appliqué to scuff-up as that would have been hand-sewn like the rest of him.

Completely hand-sewn, finished with blanket stitched eyes, french knot nose and backstitched mouth this magical creature was created using Choly Knight's Bigfoot Plush Sewing Pattern, with a few alterations as mentioned above. Choly has a lot of great patterns, some of them FREE, available on her blog Sew Desu Ne?, however this particular Bigfoot pattern is available on her etsy store HERE if your interested.

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