Friday, 27 October 2017

Kashira Heads

Since it is almost Halloween I thought these Kashira heads from the movie Spirited Away would be a fun make. These are three brothers that are simply big green heads that bounce and roll around the witch Yubaba's office. Although mine don't actually bounce, they do roll about and are an ideal size to be handled, tossed or juggled when not being set as decorations.

For these heads I resized the pattern to make them small and cute ,and easy to handle as mentioned above. The facial details are embroidered and the eyes are stitched to the face using needle turned appliqué. The pattern pieces for the ears are actually from this Garden Gnome pattern and their facial hair is stitched on using black wool.

These super cute Kashira heads were made using Choly Knight's Blob Plush sewing pattern that was found in her book Sew Kawaii! The Blob pattern is simply the body for these with add-ons to create a bunny or kitty, whereas I added on my own features to create these heads, as described above. Choly has a number of other patterns, many for FREE on her blog Sew Desu Ne?

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