Friday, 29 September 2017

My Little Pictish Pony

This uniquely decorated pony was inspired by pictures of Pictish animals with their swirling motifs and beautifully intricate designs. The pony pattern is the same as previously seen with My Little Pony Snuzzle Inspired Plush, only here it is a bigger size. The swirling design was initially sketched out before being hand-stitched to the pony and as with my previous pony the legs are fully moveable.

This Pictish Pony is one of the few plush creations I have kept for myself. The colours I chose are a basic stone grey colour with red coloured stitching for contrast and luck, as red is supposed to be a lucky colour. The pony is finished with a red yarn tail but no mane as I preferred how he looked without it. Stitched by hand, this pony was a lot of fun to decorate and is a one of a kind plush.

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