Friday, 22 September 2017

Bunbun Pocket Plush Mashup

These two little bunnies were made in just one week, a big task for hand sewer, but I wanted to finish these for a sewing contest that ends tomorrow. I would have started these sooner if I had known about the competition beforehand, I may have gotten more sleep this week... These were made from the combination of two patterns from TeacupLion.

This doll bunny was created from the Bunbun sewing pattern that is given away to subscribers of TeacupLion. The Bunbun pattern consists of the head and ears only, to this I added the body of TeacupLion's free Pocket Bear pattern. I left the bunny face quite simple so the hand embroidered doll face and stitched fringe would stand out as the main feature of this bunny costumed doll.

I gave this doll bunny a floppy ear look by flipping the Pikachu ear pieces included in the Bunbun pattern and finished off the look with mini buttons down the front and a pompom tail to complete the bunny costume for this doll. The Pocket Bear body pattern I used was enlarged to better suit the original size of this Bunbun sewing pattern.

This little bunny was also made from the same two TeacupLion sewing patterns, only here it was the Bunbun sewing pattern that was reduced in size to better suit the original Pocket Bear body pattern. The face placement for this bunny was taken from the Pocket Bear pattern using black safety eyes, a few well placed stitches for the nose and finished with an elegant black bow.

The patterns for these two little bunnies are available HERE. As mentioned the Bunbun sewing pattern is available to those who subscribe to TeacupLion's mailing list, while the Pocket Bear sewing pattern is a FREE pattern available from the same link above. These are such easy to follow and detailed patterns to work with and I am so pleased with how these cute little bunnies turned out.

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