Friday, 8 September 2017

My Beanie Mouse

This sweet little fella has been a welcome companion since his arrival a few days ago, although Henry (my ginger cat) has seemed to be a bit too interested in my new little friend which has led me to be very wary about leaving the two alone together.

After my attempts with altering existing patterns to create something new, as I did here with my magical Mooncalf creature, I decided to try and make a whole pattern from scratch and this is the result. There were a few redraws and editing of the pattern as well as a few unpicked and resewn attempts to create this mouse.

To bring this mouse to life I started with an oval base shape, then there was a lot of measuring and drawing and remeasuring and redrawing as well some sketched out pieces for the ears, paws and tail. Initially I thought the ears a tad large but once all put together they suited him perfectly.

This cute mouse was finished with black safety eyes and a few stitches for his nose. Although his paws and tail are stuffed with fibrefill his body is filled with plastic pellets to give him a soft, playful finish. Being about 11cm long (24cm including the tail) he is a comfortable size to hold in one hand. He didn't quite end up how I first imagined, but I am very happy with how cute he turned out to be.

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