Friday, 4 August 2017

Simon's Cat Car Plush

This is a cute project I found online for an adorable car plush. I made a few of these as gifts as they were quite simple to make; this one was made using a blue stretch fabric which gave him a lovely chubby look. There are black beads for his eyes and the suction cups I brought online are about 3cm, I got 20 of these suction cups and used 4 per cat, so I ended up making 5 cat car plushes in a few different colours.

Without actually knowing about Simon's Cat I made these as I thought this a cute item and great gift idea. This cat car plush was created from a FREE pattern by Katrin Black which can be found HERE. Her website is actually in Russian but there are plenty of pictures provided to guide you in making this and there is always google translate to translate the page if you prefer.

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