Friday, 18 August 2017

My Little Pony Snuzzle Inspired Plush

This is just one of only a few little ponies that I made as gifts. If you hadn't noticed already from reading my posts, most things I make are as gifts for family and loved ones. I do keep a few things I make for myself as I just can't seem to part with them, must mostly it is nice to share the things I make with others and see them get enjoyment from something I've created.

I decided to base my ponies on real My Little Pony characters and for this particular pony I chose Snuzzle as I loved the colours and the hearts were cute. However because I had no pink yarn for Snuzzle's mane and tail I decided to switch the colours making the body pink and the hair blue, as I liked the blue colour as opposed to the grey.

This plush little pony of mine has fully moveable legs and along with the embroidered hearts and eyes, I also embroidered the name of the recipient of this gift to the ponies back. The pattern for this horse was I found online with a google search. This pony plush was a I lot of fun to put together and makes a sweet little gift for a sweet little girl.

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