Friday, 7 July 2017

Sailor Moon Bow Hair Clip


Sailor Moon has long been one of my favourite superheroes, though I am not sure about the new 20th Anniversary reboot of the anime where she looks super skinny. I actually prefer the classic Sailor Moon anime from the 90's with her chubby cheeks, this image more matches her age and personality. Yes she is clumsy and yes she is a crybaby, but despite this she is fiercely loyal, always hungry and shows great courage in the face of danger, at least she does eventually.

For those who have read some of my other posts, they may remember my Niffler who had managed to get his hands on my Sailor Moon Star Locket necklace, but I thought a hair clip would be super cute and so I decided to make one from a design I found doing a google search. The hair clip is made using iron beads laid out on a special board, ironed together then hot glued to a hair clip. There are a number a different types of iron beads you can use including perler, hama and pyssla.

It is actually very difficult to take a photo of the back of your head, which I found out the hard way, so apologies for the quality of this last picture. But when not blurred this Sailor Moon bow hair clip is really a sweet looking hair accessory and quite a fun and simple project to put together. I think it would be great to eventually have a bow hair clip for all the Sailor Scouts, but I may just make one or two more, Sailor Mars is also a favourite of mine.

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