Friday, 17 March 2017

More Garden Gnomes (inspired by the Harry Potter Series)

These little garden gnomes were a surprise find; not that finding more gnomes in my garden was such a surprise after discovering Warrick, but finding blue garden gnomes was. That is until I entered my garden shed and discovered a massive spill of paint, and just guess what colour paint! There was splashes and splotches of blue everywhere and in amongst the mess, covering the floor and leading out onto the grass were the smallest of blue footprints.

As adorable as these little gnomes are, there just isn't enough space for all of us here under the one roof, or one garden, as I dare not let their little blue behinds inside the house. So they are soon to be off to new homes where they can be tossed and thrown about until their blue heart's are content. I have decided to send them of in pairs as I'm sure they would be lonely being sent away alone and of course it will be up to their new families to name them.

The scroll they are holding is for their new family, muggles they are but very open minded about magic and magical creatures. It contains a little information about wizarding garden gnomes and also has some suggestions for a gnome toss game. The tutorial for sewing these gnomes also comes with a great set of instruction for a points based gnome toss game which is a lot more detailed then I have included here.

For those who are interest here is a copy of the scroll I created to go with these gnomes (below). The scrolls were printed on a creamy yellowish thin card, then tied up with blue string. To print a copy of your own click on the picture below and "Save Image As" to save to your computer, then print at your own convenience. I thought it would be fun to have these gnomes come from Weasley's Wizard Wheezers, since they are known to sell other magical creatures such as pygmy puffs.

For these gnomes I used a couple of old pairs of jeans, and although garden gnomes, even magical ones, are not traditionally blue I just love how these adorable little magical creatures turned out. I'm positive they would look great in any colour and in a variety of materials, however I used jeans because they are a hardy material and because it's what I had on-hand. Their grumpy little faces are so cute and they are the perfect size and weight for tossing about as I'm sure these will be, often.

These wizarding garden gnomes make an ideal gift, as two lucky young boys will soon discover, a birthday present with a twist. Lovingly hand-sewn and filled with a bean bag pouch they will provide endless fun being tossed about. This is such a unique and gorgeous pattern that I could not help but make more of these little gnomes to share with those I love. To make your own garden gnomes to toss about as the Weasley's did de-gnoming The Borrow, visit Tiffany Hinnen (aka. Mieljolie) at her etsy store HERE.


  1. Such a great job! :) Love the idea to include the instructions with the gift. Wonderful! The Weasley twins wouldn't be gnome-napping these guys from their parents yard, would they?! LOL :D

    1. I thought the instructions would be helpful as I was gifting these to younger kids and wanted to make sure they understood about garden gnomes, as I wasn't sure they had read that far through the Harry Potter books to understand the reference.

      Also the gnomes I made were blue so I guess the Weasley twins had a bit of fun there with these gnomes. :)