Friday, 24 March 2017

Harry Potter Wand Wallpapers set5 - Members of the Order

These are the newest Harry Potter themed wand wallpapers. All were members of the Order of the Phoenix, a secret group formed to fight against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Sirius was an Animagus and Harry's godfather. Lupin was a lycanthrope and Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor in Harry's third year at Hogwarts. Lastly we have Tonks, Lupins wife, who was a Metamorphmagus and who, along with her husband, named Harry as the godfather of her son Teddy.

These are the wallpapers of Sirius 'Padfoot' Black, Remus 'Moony' Lupin and Nymphadora 'Dora' Tonks. To download click on the picture of the wallpaper you want and "Save Image As" to save to your computer or alternatively you can select "Set As Desktop Background". Please let me know if your having any problems with these. Hope you enjoy.

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