Friday, 11 May 2018

Topsy Turvy Doll - Poison Ivy & Wonder Woman

I have finally been able to complete yet another up-side down doll, these dolls take a ridiculously long time to make as they are all hand sewn. If your interested you can see the two previously made flip dolls here, the first is a DC Superhero Girls themed doll featuring Supergirl & Wonder Woman and the second is mash-up Disney / DC Superhero doll featuring Elsa (Frozen) & Wonder Woman. Today is another Wonder Woman, she is so popular at the moment, & Poison Ivy. Both these characters are from DC Superhero Girls.

This doll was made at special request, the exact words to describe each doll were, for the "good" side Wonder Woman and for the flip side or "cheeky" side as she was called, Poison Ivy. This Poison Ivy doll is based on the character appearing on the cartoon series DC Superhero Girls and is therefore not the totally evil lady as seen in Batman movies of the past, but is instead a shy scientific genius and teen superhero in the making.

Again based on the DC Superhero Girls, this Wonder Woman has also a little extra classic charm thrown in as seen in the star studded skirt. I just love this material and it instantly screams Wonder Woman to me. If you look back at my past topsy turvy dolls you will notice that this Wonder Woman is made in the same style as the Supergirl & Wonder Woman doll. This is mostly dur to the skirt material and the tiara design.

As with my other two previously made topsy turvy dolls, I used a picture of these characters as seen in the DC Superhero Girls to make a copy of their individual facial features that I then transferred to these doll before embroidering. That way each character I have made has slightly different facial featured to match their characters. Ivy's face has her green eyes, fair eyebrows and of cause a strand of ivy through her hair.

Ivy's outfit was also based on the one she wears in the DC Superhero Girls, complete with a flower at her waist and ribbons that I have attached to replicate more vines that are seen clinging about her. As I have mentioned in previous posts, these dolls are not made to be exact replicas of their characters, but are instead my interpretation of each character as limited by doll design and my current supplies, as I use only recycled materials.

Wonder Woman here is made in the same way as my first Wonder Woman topsy turvy doll, again made with ribbon wrist cuffs, ribbon belt and shirt highlights along with a material tiara that is blanket stitch to her head and features the iconic red star. Both dolls have yarn wool hair that is first stitched to head in a single layer to cover the skull, followed by a second layer to create the length of their hair, this is done with one continuous piece of yarn to create the loops.

This topsy turvy doll has a finished size of about 14 inches from head to head and about 16 inches from head to hem, as the skirt hangs a little lower to fully cover the doll under it. This makes a substantially sized doll and considering you get two in one, the ideal size to give each enough room to showcase their individual personalities which are mainly featured in the top half of each doll. I just love how each doll seems to have their own personalities despite all having the same base pattern and the end results always make me smile.

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