Friday, 1 December 2017

mini Cuddle Pillow Toy

This cheeky little puppy with his spotty eye patch and protruding tongue was originally designed to be a cute pillow toy at a comfortable 10 inches in size. However I decided to make this at a reduced size so he could keep company with my half-Kneazle Crookshanks who lives on my bookshelf. So now I have a mini 6 inch dog to partner my ginger cat.

Completely hand-sewn with tiny 5 mm shiny black eyes, a blanket stitched black nose and little pink tongue, this puppy has a fully stuffed body, with stubby semi-filled paws and floppy ears that hold only a little stuffing at the ends to give a bit of volume. At full size I can imagine that it would be a very huggable and comfortable toy for young kids.

Making this puppy was simple enough due to the well written instruction that accompany this pattern. There were also plenty of pictures throughout to help aid in this patterns construction, there were even a few links to techniques used that may be unfamiliar to the novice sewer. Overall a fun project that I will make again. This pattern was found in the Shiny Happy World shop HERE.

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