Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Gingerbread Lady Tags / Ornaments

I made a few of these to attach to gifts in place of Christmas tags. I thought they could double as an extra tree ornament gift. The photos taken are of the two gingerbread ladies I made, one red and one green. I also made a few gingerbread men tags/ornaments in the same colours however I didn't get a chance to photograph those before they were given away.

For the pattern I used gingerbread cookie cutters. It was ridiculously easy to make these, I found some festive fabric, blanket stitch with yarn, stuffed and added a hoop for hanging. They turned out really cute, its just too bad my photography skill are lacking so you can't see just how cute they are. Sorry about that but I was in a hurry... next time I will try harder to get a better picture for you.

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