Thursday, 20 October 2016

Cloth Doll

A few years back I began sewing gifts for my family and although this doll is one of the first things I made I never did make another like her. She spends her days sittings on my bookshelf as I decided I didn't quite think her good enough to gift.

She was hand-sewn, along with her dress with a ribbon tie belt, and her facial features have a sewn outline that is filled in with paint.

There were a few things about this doll that I didn't like, the head closure was one thing and her eyes are another. I just think her looking up looks a bit funny.

Overall though she is not bad and the pattern was simple enough and best of all free. If your interested you can get this pattern HERE. It's a FREE pattern from Beth at By Hook, By Hand and there are also patterns for several items of clothing to make for this doll which is a bonus. Patterns are found on the left sidebar about halfway down under the heading Prairie Flower Cloth Dolls.

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