Friday, 20 July 2018

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Bookmark & Hedwig + Hogwarts Letter Key Chain & Harry's Trunk Box

This is a Harry Potter gift set that I made for a little Harry Potter fan, my nephew. I used iron beads to create these, which is always a fun craft for me. This set includes a golden snitch bookmark, two key chains, one of Hedwig and the other a Hogwarts letter, and lastly a box made to resemble Harry's school trunk.

Although there are many designs for a golden snitch online, I made this golden snitch by combining a couple of these designs to create a look I liked. Using a square 29x29 peg board, the finished design was ironed pretty well flat on both sides to make it as thin as possible so the finished snitch could be comfortably used as a bookmark, with the finished size being about 13.5 cm tall.

These two key chains were made directly from patterns I found online and seemed to me to be the perfect designs for key chains. The snowy owl and the letter, aka Hedwig and the Hogwarts school letter, are very iconic to Harry Potter and were a must to include in this set. The actual key chain part is also handmade by me using yellow rope, jewellery endings, jump rings and a lobster clasp.

Harry's trunk was a bit trickier to make. After searching online for a Harry Potter themed box of some sort and finding nothing, I finally decided to design one myself and this is the end result. I first looked online for some reference pictures to get an idea of how it should look before I began. Then starting with a blank 29x29 peg board I mapped out the base of the box and worked my way from there.

The process of designing this box was easier then I thought it would be, with the interlocking side pieces being the only real tricky part of the design process. Once I had the box shape I wanted and had determine the lid size, I then added the colours, the orange bands, and designed the extra pieces, those in yellow.

The yellow pieces added to the finished box were the two handles either side of the trunk, the Hogwarts crest design to sit on the lid and the lock to sit on the front of the trunk. I also added a magnet closure which, along with these added yellow pieces, were hot glued to the finished box to create the trunk. The finished trunk size is about 5 cm tall, 12 cm long and 7 cm wide.

I was so pleased with how these turned out and so too was my nephew. I was especially happy with how Harry's trunk turned out having designed the whole thing from scratch. I ran out of so many colours making these but it was a lot of fun and I plan on making more Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts themed items as soon as I can get more iron beads.

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