Friday, 30 March 2018

Baby Rattle - Tool Set

This was simply something I created for a baby shower for a little someone special. A new baby boy with a handyman father, I thought what better gift to make then a set of tools. I looked around for a pattern of some sort but ended up making up a pattern of my own for these little rattles.

For the screwdriver I used two colours, a brown for the handle and a blue/grey for the actual head of the tool. I added red stitching to the handle for a bit of decoration and also a bit of grip. Inside the handle I added a small squeaker so that when squeezed it would create a cute sound.

To make the spanner I used the same blue/grey material, only this time I added a small rattle insert and placed it at one end of the spanner. That way you could grab it by the other end and shake it around to make its rattle sound.

The hammer was made in the same way as the screwdriver, using the brown material with red stitching for the handle and the blue/grey material for the hammer head. A small rattle insert was also used for the hammer to give a fun sound effect when shaken.

All three rattles were finished of with a tag sewn into them to give a more professional look and to also tie them together as a set. For these tags I used a ribbon with colourful baby feet printing. The finished rattles are about 8.5 inches tall, making them a comfortable size for little hands to hold, squeeze, put in their mouths, all the fun things babies do with their toys.

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