Friday, 23 June 2017

Pigwidgeon 'Pig' (inspired by the Harry Potter Series)

This tiny grey hooting owl was flying madly about the room for ages showing off before he calmed down long enough for me to collect the message tied to his leg. Of cause I knew immediately who this little ball of energy was, Pigwidgeon, or Pig as Ron calls him. Although I think Harry was spot on when he called Pig a "fluffy snitch". But for such a tiny little owl to fly so far, he certainly deserved an owl treat or two.

The owl treats box was made in the shape of a sultana box and you can guess what it is filled with... Saltanas. Pig loves them of cause. Pigwidgeon himself was created from a grey fabric offset with a white face and under wings and a black beak and feet. His face piece was actually cut with pinking shears to give a more textured feathered look. Pig was then finished with yellow safety eyes.

This cute little owl was made from a pattern I found online when searching owl patterns. I wanted something small and cute to capture Pigwidgeon's personality and this is what I found. Obviously a type of furred or similar textured fabric would look better, however I used only what I had on hand which was this grey material. Overall I was pleased with how he turned out and his new owner is too.

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