Friday, 5 May 2017

Remembrall & Golden Snitch

These two items may not be at once recognisable to the average muggle, but they are common place items for many a witch or wizard. The first item is... um... I've forgotten what its called. But don't worry, I'm sure it will come back to me sooner or later. I definitely remember what this second item is called though, it's a Golden Snitch and it is super fast.

If you have ever seen a Quidditch match then you know all about this small speeding golden ball. For those of you less familiar with this wizarding sport, this is arguably the most important ball in the game. Your team catches this ball and they score an extra one hundred and fifty points, which in most cases also means your team wins the game as the game is over once this Snitch is caught.

Speaking of teams, my Quidditch team is the Woollongong Warriors. If they were to play in the Quidditch World Cup in place of our Australian National Quidditch Team then maybe we would have won a World Cup since 1966. But I'm not here to complain about our performance in the World Cup, no matter how disappointed I am with it.

Snitches have flash memories and this Snitch, like Harry's, is also able to open and concealed within is the Resurrection Stone. This Golden Snitch is made from 3D printed plastic pieces about 3.5cm diameter and painted gold, contains magnets to hold it closed and has two feathers or wings attached to help it fly about. The ring was obtained separately but seemed a must companion item.

Oh, I remember! Remembrall! This is a Remembrall. Although if I now remember, then why is it still red? Unless there is something else I have forgotten...
A Remembrall is a clever little item for that forgetful witch or wizard. It turns red when you've forgotten something and clear when you've remembered. Only problem is, it doesn't tell you what you've forgotten. This is made from a 5cm clear plastic ball, 3D printed plastic ring painted gold and filled with pieces of cotton pleads painted pink.

These two items are designed to replicate those seen in the Harry Potter movies. The Golden Snitch, less the feather wings, was purchased from ebay HERE, you can see more about this piece HERE. The Remembrall was also purchased as a kit from ebay HERE, and you can see how this was put together HERE. Alternatively you could make a Remembrall with a clear plastic ball, red wool and a golden ribbon.

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