Friday, 17 February 2017

Garden Gnome (inspired by the Harry Potter Series)

This grumpy little cutie is Warrick, a garden gnome who I recently discovered living in a gnomehole in my backyard. However I think the recent heatwave must have gotten to him as I have found him indoors more and more often, much to the annoyance of Henry (my ginger cat). I think he likes tormenting poor Henry, I also believe he loves being tossed and thrown about. Despite his indignant cries and constant complaining I'm sure I've heard him giggling as he was flying through the air, he also seems to give up easily enough when being chased if he thinks he'll be thrown about once caught.

This is not your typical father christmas looking garden gnome seen as statues in the gardens of muggles, this is a gnome found only in the gardens of witch's or wizard's as described in the Harry Potter series. Beautifully designed I could not resist this little creature and fun he brings, created to hold a bean bag pouch, this garden gnome was made to be tossed and thrown about and at 10 inches tall he is the perfect size for just that.

The tutorial for this unique pattern goes into great detail from the materials and tools needed to the techniques and tip used in construction. Although suede cloth, or any non woven fabric, is advised I used materials I had on hand, which in this case was an old pair of jeans. I also found the tips throughout very helpful and the step by step pictures informative, especially when putting together his little toes which are just adorable.

The pattern comes together beautifully despite my one deviation from the patterns instruction. The tutorial provides a number of options for affixing the pattern to your fabric but as I hand sew everything I found it easier to cut out the pattern, ignoring the seam allowance, and trace the pattern directly to the wrong side of the material using a water soluble fabric pen. Then I could comfortably hand sew my pieces together.

There are a few option in the tutorial to give the gnomes their own personalities which is a brilliant idea, their faces can be made with or without mouths, that is if your worried about them biting, or their eyebrows can be adjusted to make different grumpy, angry or cheeky faces. The eyes are also optional, especially considering these gnomes are very tossable, and the squinty look they have without them is gorgeous.

Just as the Weasley's de-gnomed the garden at The Burrow here is an opportunity to de-gnome your own garden, or at least play at de-gnoming with the Gnome Toss Game that is included with this pattern. I am in the process of making more of these adorably grumpy gnomes as it's not much fun with just one. The creator of this unique magical creature is Tiffany Hinnen (aka. Mieljolie) and her work can be found on her blog All Things Crafty. The pattern for this Garden Gnome was purchased from her etsy store HERE if your interested in making a couple of these yourself, however if your not much of a sewer she also sells them ready made.

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