Monday, 21 November 2016

Celtic Interlace Knot Medallion Necklace

I loved the idea of this necklace and found it a fun project. Making this with my Knitting Nancy reminded my of when I was little and would use those plastic spool knitters to create long lengths of knitted cord that I did nothing with... At least here I got to create something beautiful and wearable.

For this necklace you will need a spool knitter, only 2 pegs are used so if you have a 4 peg knitter like I do you can use THIS tutorial as I did. You also need yarn, lots of yarn. I just used a black wool I had on hand but you can buy something fancy or glittery as described in the projects tutorial. The tutorial also uses the same knitted cord as your actual necklace but I preferred to use a chain that attached to the knitted medallion by jump rings.

This is a free tutorial and pattern available HERE from Lion Brand Yarn Company, the PDF download for this is located under the Pattern Details tab. This necklace was created by Noreen Crone-Findlay who has a number of other tutorials and projects on her blog.

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